Café Stock

Amsterdam The Netherlands, 2010
Interior design, Art Direction & Visual Identity, Product design

Referencing the monumental former financial broker building ‘Beurs van Berlage’, situated across the street from the Hotel, all functions of The Exchange are named after specific elements of financial trading. For Café Stock INAMATT developed and executed the interior design concept. Ranging from general furnishing, to packaging and the graphics for the disposables, cutleries and trays, to the development of a site-specific piece of art for the main wall. This ‘birds wall’, that features a flock hand drawn birds mixed with fashion accessories, was created in collaboration with different people that are connected to The Exchange: the constructors, students, designers, hotel staff and financers. Besides this, the hand made gold bars that can be stacked like bricks, provide Café Stock with a personalized set of assets.

Photography by Mirjam Bleeker and Rein Janssen