Farmhouse Pingjum

Pingjum The Netherlands, 2007
Interior design

In the flatlands of the north-eastern province of Friesland, INAMATT transformed a 19th century farmhouse into a generous space for living and working. The classical Frisian head – neck – rump construction of the farm comprises of three parts, where the head is the living area that has a block like shape and the lengthy kitchen area is placed in front of the cattle shed also known as rump.

The former living area has been enlarged, by opening up the structure towards the former barn – rump – space. As a main connecting element a new staircase has been placed in the main house. This element connects the house to the studio and creates access to and optimal use of the differences in height throughout the space. This large staircase has the double function of storage, keeping the archive, printing machine, pantry and lavatory.

A fluid passage through all the spaces has been opened up, by placing several walk-through stairways. An addition of 13 meters on the Northern end of the premises has been added to the original building, creating a modest contrast with the heavy tones of the classical Frisian thatched roof.

Photography by Arjan Benning