Dreamstar showroom

Amsterdam The Netherlands, 2015
Interior design

Amsterdam-based fashion wholesale company Dreamstar commissioned INAMATT to restructure their main location. Within this one space, many functions at the same time are combined, harbouring office units, the main showroom and presentation of the ware. To accommodate all these purposes, INAMATT designed a structure of flexible wooden panels that can be easily adapted: with see-through spaces for collaboration, but also more private spaces for liaising with clients. The panels are dividers of space, connected like loose shells to a frame that also include more practical functions like shelves for storage and display.

The colour scheme made fort his concept varies in tones of white and can serve easily as a base for presenting the most divergent collections. Overall an evened out brightness is guaranteed through the transparent filters that have been placed along the walls of the construction. These filters maximize the incoming stream of light and create a room that is easy on the eyes in all ways possible.

Photography by Arjan Benning and Rein Janssen