London UK, 2016

Tate Modern brings Offprint London 2016.

Some 146 art book publishers and 1 printer, robstolk®, are presenting their most appealing work at the Turbine Hall from 20 – 22 of May.

robstolk® asked us to showcase the printing quality of their company by creating new images. Therefore we made two images, based on the flowers we found in our spring garden. Floating Petal captures the lighter range of the colour spectrum and Stark Sensuality explores the darker tones. Together these versions highlight the quality of the extended colour inks and printing techniques they have to offer, in all its nuance and depth.

50 limited c-prints of both images are available.
For more information/to purchase one of the images or a set, contact:

concept & art direction by INAMATT

photography by Rein Janssen

words by Lotte van Gelder

print by drukkerij robstolk® Amsterdam